FlexGrass is an exciting and innovative product from FlexGround. FlexGrass utilizes the same cushion layer as in FlexGround, and then we add a soft artificial grass top layer. With a 5-year warranty, FlexGrass is the most durable and maintenance-free surfacing you can own, and it looks and feels like real grass!

FlexGrass artificial grass resilient safety surfacing is the first IPEMA Certified grass and poured-in-place rubber combina- tion safety surfacing available. FlexGrass utilizes the same cushion layer as FlexGround, made of recycled shredded tires. The cushion layer is mixed in a mortor mixer and then hand-troweled into place. After 24 hours of dry time, the top “Wear” layer, in this case, FlexGrass, is installed.

Some synthetic grasses get very hot due to the absorption of heat from the black rubber infill. FlexGrass doesn’t use rubber infill, instead using a product called KoolFill, made from a much cooler acrylic material. Using KoolFill eliminates the mess and maintenance of loose infill, and it creates a surface that is, on average, 10 degrees cooler than loose rubber infill. In addition, FlexGrass has a thatch layer woven into it, so the acrylic nestles down into the thatch and does not come back up when walked or played on.


►  Installs easily in just 2 days
Virtually maintenance-free
Completely porous and dries quickly after wet weather
 Backed by a 5-year warranty
 KoolFill vs. others' rubber infill means there's no mess and it feels cooler under your feet
►  FlexGrass is a 69 or 90 oz top layer, the highest in the industry
Fall height certified for ASTM 1292 and meets guidelines established by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
 No nylon fibers, like other artificial grasses, which have been shown to contain lead



Commercial / Residential ROC 234465

FlexGrass is an innovative new product of FlexGround.com. For more information, please visit our main site .

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